Professional project made in Unreal Engine 4. This was developed for PC, Xbox One, and PS4. I worked on the AI and gameplay ability system. I supported designers by exposing features to scripting, fixing bugs, and troubleshooting various issues.

Screenshots and Video (Steam Store)

RTS Prototype

This is an online multiplayer RTS game prototype. I worked on the AI, formations, UI, ablity/attribute system, targetting system, and misc other pieces. There were no designers on this project and it was made by a team of 3 engineers. This was made to be used in multiple sales pitches and to lay the ground work for future projects.

Video (YouTube)

Shadowrun Crossfire Digital Prototype

Made as a proof of concept prototype to demonstrate the technology and capabilities of the Mber team to create an online version of the Shadowrun Crossfire tabletop game. I worked on the Socket.IO implementation in Node.js and in the browser as well as hooking up the UI and renderer to send and respond to Socket.IO events. This was developed at in less than a week at FireForge and helped us win an RFP.

Video (YouTube)

Crazy 88s

Personal project made in Unity with a group of friends for fun. We wanted to create a card game framework in Unity so that we could implement some of our favorite games and play them digitally online through our phones or PCs.

Video (YouTube)

Furball Frenzy

Personal project made in Unity to help a friend with her senior art thesis project. I worked together with friends to put this prototype together in the span of two weeks to meet the deadline for the project. This is a simple cat matching game in the vein of bejeweled with a few twists. I worked on handling gameplay, animating sprites from art assets, and integrating the matching algorithm.

Download (Android) - Unity Web Player - Screenshot


Personal project made to learn more about Unreal Engine 4 and it's concept of Network Replication. This is a simple multiplayer PvP twin stick shooter.

Download (Windows) - Screenshot - Video (YouTube)

On the Blocks

Personal project which is a Tetris clone written in C89 style using the Allegro 4 game programming library. All code written by me, graphics were created by a friend and music was taken from the original Tetris. This example is really old and may not run on some machines but should work fine on machines with the VC redistributables.

Download (Windows) - Simple Web Version - Screenshot